Gorgeous Cover, Poor Characters

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Thank you to Bookishfirst and Inkyard Press for providing me with a free advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

The Name Drop is about two Korean teens who travel to New York for a summer internship, but soon find out that their positions have been switched because they both have the same Korean name. They make a deal: Elijah Ri, the CEO's son decides to stay in Jessica Lee's role as a regular intern in order to be free from his father expectations and see what the other side lives like. Meanwhile, as executive intern, Jessica has access to lots of opportunities she wouldn't have had before and realizes that this may be her way to a good scholarship and a better life.

So, I wanted to like this, I really did. It had such an interesting premise and I was extremely excited to read a sweet workplace Asian contemporary romance.

However, this book just fell flat. It wasn't well-researched or developed. Jessica's college situation was incredibly unrealistic and wasn't logical. The internship shouldn't have been her last resort for a recommendation. The author kept mentioning how driven and passionate Jessica was. She could have likely gotten college aid and explored other options without accidentally switching with Elijah.

Speaking of Elijah, his character was such a stereotype: the spoiled, privileged rich boy who's had everything catered to him since the day he was born and only tries to change when he meets the female love interest. Besides, his behavior still stemmed from the height of privilege during the entire course of the book and didn't appear to have much, if any growth.

I do truly love the cover though, and I was mildly entertained towards the end of the book.