Fun K-drama vibes!

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This was a cute book! The characters weren’t the most complex, but it was an entertaining summery read. I liked the premise; the miscommunication at the beginning was dragged out juuuust long enough that I was about to start feeling second-hand embarrassment/anxiety right when the reveal came, so props to Susan Lee for nailing that. The dual POV narration was great too; it was nice to see both Jessica and Elijah learn about themselves and become more mature as the book progressed. Jessica had a few moments that were a bit too quirky for me (like her whole I-ramble-when-I-get-nervous thing), but I appreciated how she became more confident, and I really liked Elijah’s arc as well. I think the story could have benefited from a little more romance and a little less focus on the event planning plot line, but it was a quick read with fun K-drama vibes.