Fun, Fast Paced, and Sweet

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In order to enjoy this book, you have to be able to suspend your disbelief.
Elijah and Jessica have the same Korean name—Lee Yoo-Jin—and when they start their summer internships, they find that their identities were swapped. Everyone thinks Jessica is the child of a VIP in the company, and Elijah is a regular intern.
The way that this happens makes absolutely no sense, and if you’re likely to get caught up in these plotholes—and in the first 30% of the book, they’re constant—you probably won’t enjoy this book. BUT if you’re able to ignore them, suspend your disbelief and turn your brain off, you’ll have a good time.
This book is fast-paced, dramatic, and easy to get swept up in. Elijah and Jessica’s romance is sweet, and though it is a little surface level, they’re both easy to root for. I appreciated the discussions of misogyny and classism in this type environment of high priority tech companies and business spheres.
I enjoyed both Elijah and Jessica as narrators and the general voicey-ness of the writing. I had a lot of fun with it, even though some of the slang that was used was a few years out of date.
All in all, this was a fun, easy, fast paced read that will be perfect for fans of K-Dramas.