Fun and delightful romance!

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I enjoyed pretty much everything about "The Identity Swap". The premise is that two young people, the wealthy male heir-apparent and a smart but less affluent female both have summer internships at the same company. The fun starts when, due to the two having the same Korean name, Jessica is given the corporate royal treatment while Elijah is treated like a "regular person". As both are eager to experience everything their new roles have to offer, they decide not to reveal the mistake. Chaos and romance ensue!

I liked that the book is written in alternating chapters from the perspectives of the two main characters. It was nice to see events through both their eyes, and watch as each experiences a new world. I also enjoyed the romance between the two. I found it very realistic as it gradually unfolded, and found myself invested in how things worked out for them as a couple.

The corporate aspect was interesting as well. In fact, I wouldn't have minded a bit more about the work Jessica and Elijah actually did as part of their internships. A big corporate event near the end was the perfect finishing touch. The New York setting added a lot to the story, as did the Korean cultural elements that were included.

All in all, a highly enjoyable romance!