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I'd love to thank NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me a chance at reading this book! I was really involved in it and and I marathoned it in one entire sitting.

Originally, I gave this book a four star review, but after reading another review by a different reader (one who is an Asian Regional Director in a multinational gaming company with a branch in Seoul itself, as quoted by her), I had to drop my grade down another star on how the reviwer pointed things out that broadened by views and empathized more on the concerns that I had which made it originally a four star review instead of a five.

The reviewer Nochu_Dee pointed out that the misogyny in the workplace is heightened to an abnormal level and none of the female characters did nothing to change it. Jessica is made to take notes and sit there and be cute during meetings, not given real attention to her work, etc. She and the ML's sister point this out how its unfair and yet... they do nothing to stop it, or bring it up to those who protect things like that from happening. They just kind of shrug their shoulders and 'oh well' it when you can see it's eating them up on how they're treated.

She points out that at one point the FL's father was someone high up at Microsoft. ... Yet, they're still living frugally and woah-oh-no-ing about spending money. So is he still not making a lot of money at this new job? It was just strange to me that he has a high up position still and yet still acts like he doesn't make a lot of money.

There was also the fact that Elijah was too American for someone who never traveled much and g0t much exposure outside of Korea. He adjusted way too fast from his sheltered life-style and there wasn't a lot of talk or comparison to America and Korean to make me believe he was just a fish out of water rich boy from Korea.

Still, I've been watching a lot of K-Dramas' and this was a cute idea and it did keep me interested, just after reading the review I wished the author actually did some better research and or spoke to the above reviewer about their book before completing it.