Excellent contemporary YA

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The Name Drop from Susan Lee is an excellent contemporary romance. Elijah, son of the CEO, and Jessica experience a case of mistaken identity when their Korean names are confused on the first day of their internship. Suddenly, Elijah is a common intern while Jessica is experiencing an internship beyond her wildest dreams. As they get to know each other, what happens when their deception is revealed?

I loved The Name Drop! I was immediately drawn in by the gorgeous cover. Both Elijah and Jessica are very relatable and likable characters. I enjoyed how they worked together and helped each other achieve their goals, especially the hackathon. Lee weaves in deeper themes about classism, beauty standards and more while delivering a lighthearted escape to New York. Readers who enjoy contemporary YA with a Kdrama twist will adore The Name Drop. I can’t wait to read what Susan Lee writes next!