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The cover and title of this book are catchy. The title makes me want to see what the book is about. From what I have read, I am curious to read more to see what happens in this story…is it predictable?, or will it surprise me with what happens? I have enjoyed the description of each character. I find it interesting that the guy wears a mask—- I am wondering if this is Covid era, I don’t think the girl wears one. Or does he wear it for safety, or so people don’t recognize him??? Is that also why he wears a big coat in the summer? The characters have bumped into each other literally, but I am wondering where it goes from here. I am also wondering if they do have a relationship, will it last? Yes, there will be conflict, but I love a happy ending. This is a book that I will read, and probably recommend to others. It seems like an easy read. I enjoy reads that don’t get too heavy.