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Jessica is headed to a prestigious internship at a Korean company in New York. Elijah’s father is the CEO of the company and is headed to New York to participate in the Executive Training Program. A name mix up causes Jessica to be in Elijah’s role and vice versa. Once they figure out what is going on Elijah convinces Jessica to stay mixed up so that she can have the experience she is looking for and he can be a normal person for a summer. While they are working together they start to fall for each other.
This was a cute YA romance. Had some angst, big life decisions, and a little love connection. All the things you want in a YA read. It was interesting to read about the Korean business and family dynamics in the story. I couldn’t tell if they were a bit exaggerated or if they were realistic but it was kind of a culture shock reading that perspective. I felt frustrated for the women in the story and for the youth who had very little say in their lives, but it made me root for them even more. Definitely worth a read if you like a YA.