A very cute read

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I'm gonna start by being honest and confessing that I haven't actually got around to reading Seoulmates yet so I was going into this book with little to no expectations. I've heard good things about Susan Lee, but have learned to take booktok recommendations with a grain of salt. That being said, this book was absolutely adorable.

It was interesting to see how the Korean standards and expectations affected the main characters, but I feel like it did start to get a touch on the repetitive side by the end. We understand that no one is taking Jessica seriously because she's a young woman, it didn't need to be reiterated every other page. The only other complaint I had is the romance felt fake at times? I dont know if fake is even the right word but there was jusy something funky about the flow.

The characters were very personable though and I enjoyed reading their characters Arcs. Overall maybe it would've fallen closer to a 3.75 instead of an actual 4 but I definitely can think of a few friends who love k-dramas that I think would get a kick out of this book.