A quirky rom-com

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Jessica is going to an internship so she can get some experience for college, as her parents worry for her they send her off. First solo trip alone, in a New York City!
Elijah is supposed to be spending his summer at a stuffy 9-5 job that his father’s company with his father’s expectations for his life hanging on him like a noose.

A first look at this story has me seeing that this is a hilarious awkward quirky kind of rom-com. Two teenagers trying to find their way through New York with different views on what their summers will turn out to be. Sensing the tension of awkwardness and first sight of love. Jessica first impressions of Elijah might have been seeing him as an entitled brat. While Elijah’s first impression of Jessica was a klutz who can’t get her stuff straight, even though he’s suffering through the same trying to navigate himself solo. With a fun mixup between Korean and English names between a boy and girl, I can tell this will be a read worth your time!