A Family in Tatters

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Lately I seem to be reading books with a similar theme; children who need their parents and parents who are too busy with their causes to notice. Parents who spin out of control. A child who tries to control the downward spiraling, who tries to hold it all together, who hopes for the unattainable.

Turn the page and meet:

Drayton James, a father who is mentally ill and ultimately to be recognized as a manic depressive.

Margo James, a mother who embraces causes but rarely her children. Another proof that the ability to conceive does not justify the conception.

Lavada James, the Grandmother who always holds her head up no matter the stink or scandal. She is the defender of the James family honor no matter that it has been in tatters for generations.

Griff James the older brother who ignores his parents, wishes to be away from the torment and insanity found at Pearl River Plantation, and all of Lamoyne, Mississippi. He would have fled but for his love for his sister and his need to try to defend her.

The James twins, Dharma who deals with the emotional trauma by always performing and Walden, the neediest of all, who will join any group hoping to belong to something.

Tallulah James, the child who cares, and cares until she believes she has to leave in order to preserve her sanity.

The writing was solid. The characterizations were spot on, especially the town bully, the small-town police officer and his perception of power, the kind and good-looking stranger. The alternating timelines were effective - I raced through some and struggled with others. The ending was a disappointment.