Very Odd

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This entire book is about society telling people to shove down what they are in order to fit in and be apart of society. It's very reminiscent of Handmaids Tale and The Grace Year with the almost cultish way of living. The entire book is putting down your otherness and loving someone you know you can't just because society tells you to. One part that super stood out to me was when the head lady was giving her intro speech and Eleanor was asking questions and the lady basically told her to shut up and be an obedient lady by getting married to a man and having children. Also it seems in this society people of the same sex can't even be just friends without the suspicion they aren't if a girl is friends with a guy then everyone thinks they are gonna get married but if a girl is friends with a girl then suddenly they are possibly moving into lesbianism? That doesn't make sense. Overall it was a powerful book that put a lot of things into perspective for me.