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This dystopian novel reminded me of The Handmaids Tale and also of the television series, The Man from High Castle. While the main plot stars LGTBQ+ characters, all women and minorities must conform to the expectations of the Quorum or face imprisonment or death. Eleanor, the heroine, attends a girl's school called The Meadows. They are told that only the best and brightest students are chosen to attend this and other like-minded academies. Eventually, the girls discover they are all alike, in that all are attracted to other women. (Similar facilities exist for boys). The storyline passes back and forth between the school and Eleanor's life before and after her time at The Meadows.

The writing is good. At times, I felt the story was too long as it dealt frequently with Eleanor's emotions and that got a bit repetitive. The story is thought provoking and YA and adult readers of dystopian literature will find The Meadows a worthwhile read.