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The cover is the most eye-catching cover of the year for me, and it has writing to match. Dreamy and evocative, slowly enveloping you in its dystopian world. I specifically love how it gradually lets you in on just how the world is operating, and what the purpose of The Meadows is. It works wonderfully as a suspenseful read, and was at times chilling.

About the dystopian world; the government removes queer individuals from society and puts them in what amounts to a conversion camp. The main character is Eleanor, and at The Meadows, girls are forced to learn how to be housewives to men. I found the world-building to be immersive and mostly successful; some details I thought could have been changed.

I liked the characters for the most part. We're kept at some distance from the Eleanor, but I think this works well with the tone of the book. She's gone through some stuff. I was invested in her story, and was rewarded with a perfect ending.