Not a fan

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I didn’t know this was such a religious book before I read it, maybe I wasn’t paying attention or my mind was somewhere else but this book was way too religious. And I most definitely am not a religious person, so this was automatically a no for me.

Other than the mention of God literally like every two sentences, I get that it’s a religious book but why couldn’t you mention God less. Like it’s so overdone, I felt that even people who were religious would get annoyed. Religion was just like the whole plot of this.

It never got past how God was going to this and God was going to do that, and I was just so annoyed. It’s my fault for reading a Christian book I suppose but this was just too much. Too many times, there was too much of a repetition. If the religion was the only problem, I would’ve docked one point.

But the main character was so annoying, all they did was cry and cry. And the plot was just not prominent, and the writing, oh the writing. It was terrible. Not a fan at all