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children's middlegrade fiction (I listened to the e-audio version, about 12 hours, delightfully and skillfully narrated by Joniece Abbott-Pratt), 1st in series

Ella comes from a long and proud line of skilled Conjurors in a tight-knit African-American community in New Orleans, but she is the first (and only) of them to enroll in the magical international Marvellers school, which had heretofore been closed to them due to long-standing prejudice against Conjuring and its association with the Underworld.

Here is a fun, diverse middlegrade adventure at a magical boarding school with highly enjoyable narration--I'm impressed with the range of international voices provided by Abbott-Pratt, but also just really love Ella's and her little sister Winnie's voices. It is a bit on the longer side, but I would definitely recommend this one to any interested readers wanting another middlegrade magic series to devour.