Not like harry potter

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A lot of books get put into the Harry Potter realm but this book is giving the Magicians TV show. Just because a book has magic in it doesn't automatically a book like Harry Potter or more woke just because the cover is more diverse. I like the cover and the representation it brings to the magical world of books.

My city is building street cars all throughout the city and I love the street car in the sky aspect of the book and that the school is up in the sky too. The construction of our streetcar line has been so chaotic it is humorous to see them in another realm up in the sky?!

The part that does remind be a bit of harry patter is when a dangerous criminal known as the Ace of Anarchy escapes prison which of course makes me think of Sirius Black and his escape from Azkaban. So maybe I can see why others have made the comparison but its still not exactly the same and I am ready for a sequel.