Magic School

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The Marvellers is the first book in a brand new middle grade series.

I honestly can't help comparing any book like this to the Harry Potter series, perhaps for good reason. Like Harry Potter, you have a few students who aren't "pure bred" What I mean by that is that are considered to be outcasts by some who feel they shouldn't be permitted in the school because, in this case, they don't come from Marvel parents. . You have the cliques that certain students belong to. You have a lot of magic; however, in this book, in some places, it's a constantly changing variety of magic that at times seems to be a bit over the top, whereas in the Potter books the magic was brought forth at a slower pace. Moreover, you also have a few students who wander off on their own and don't always follow the rules. Lastly, there is a person up to no good.

Overall, I did enjoy the story and think that this will be a good choice for middle grade students who like magic. I would love to see what happens next.