Interesting Story, but Kind of Dragged

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"The Marvellers" is a somewhat interesting book that dives into a unique, magical world. The setting and characters should lend to a fairly interesting story and I was intrigued with where the novel would go. Having said that, it felt like a very slow build up, and with slow pacing, it was difficult to remain excited and completely engaged in the story. Although the school had some similarities to Hogwarts, a fantastical place I can definitely get behind, it was less enthralling overall. Still, if you are someone who enjoys the magical school setting and doesn't mind a slower pace, then "The Marvellers" could be for you. Before reading it, I had seen a ton of positive reviews from people that look to be near or around my age, but it didn't hold on to my attention nearly as much as I was hoping! To each his own, however! Given the reviews, I think it has a pretty good audience. It just wasn't entirely for me.