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This book was really great. It is about a girl named Ella Durand who is the first Conjuror to attend the Arcanum Training Institute. I love magical schools, so this really worked for me. I admit, it was slow going at the beginning, but it really picks up and starts moving along nicely about a third of the way in. I liked all the secrets at Academy and I thought while it was similar to schools like Hogwarts there was plenty to really set it apart like the fact that it was in the sky. Nothing can live up to Hogwarts so I won't even compare. I liked things like the talking animals and the fact that Ella had adults she could actually talk to and not be discounted. I think this will be a huge hit with readers who enjoy magic, faeries, and fantasy-type books. As with most middle-grade stories about magical schools, it will be compared to others, but this one deserves a chance. It is a really easy read that should have kids excited about a second book.