Good, not great

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This book reads very much like a Harry Potter wannabe. Magical children leave home to go to a training institute in the clouds and for the first time, this school, traditionally for Marvellers, has decided to accept Conjurors. The main character, Ella faces prejudice as the only student who is a Conjuror. Of course, she makes friends who stick with her in spite of the “mean girls” and they alone must face an evil Ace Conjuror who has escaped from prison. Another wizarding world similarity is the presence of cute and unusual pets or “familiars”.
I don’t doubt that middle grade readers will really enjoy this series. As an adult reader, I wished that it wasn’t so obviously a more poorly written version of the Harry Potter series that tried to inject contemporary racism into the storyline. Kids need to know about these social issues but it just felt “messy” in this book. Some parts of the book didn’t fit such as the encounters with the evil Gia but may be given more explanation and attention in future books.
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