another magical school

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I love books like these, trust me, but it does get a bit "same old, same old". You have the main character Ella Durand who is accepted to a magical school that is hidden in the sky and can only be seen by other magic holders. She makes friends and goes do different type of classes to learn magic. Even knitting. And she is the first conjuror to attend, making her have difficulties for being the first. Then the big baddy escapes from prison and Ella is forced to save herself. It's like another magical school trope. I did enjoyed reading it, but I stopped halfway due to the fact I saw what is going to happened. It is fun, funny, adventurous, with many likeable characters. I know any kid would love to read this book. I do like that the author contain various cultures in the book. There were also some unanswered questions, like why was Ella the only conjuror?