Tummy turned inside out

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This book was so enthralling the story of a girl named Susan ,who lost her mom ,a Vietnamese immigrant, living in an american world ,that took her family, so many times, to get out of Vietnam, to come to america, and the struggles that they survived as a family to get to america ! Then Susan’s mother decides, that she wants a procedure done ,that could cost her her life ,but she doesn’t care ,because the most important thing to her is beauty , she leaves her 11 year old daughter behind, when the doctor ,makes a mistake ,that costed her mom her life, and the family is so devastated ,they are never the same, and Susan wants to make it her crusade in life, to find out what she can do to avenge, her mothers death ,but soon finds out it’s too late ,for that ! Her family is harsh on her ,throughout her life, critical of her weight,and judgemental they drive her mad with rage, but she lets it all go to find peace in her life !