Emotional and culturally rich

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After her mother's death, things didn't go back to normal and everyone has their own way to grieve and cope with their loss. Throughout the story you get a sense of family unity and Vietnamese traditions. Having a big family and multigenerational household is the norm. The tough love from parents is their way of showing love. It's sad to see how some of the members drifted apart instead. The once togetherness with their extended famlly has come undone.

I really felt the emotions and the connection with Susan's upbringing and her journey through life in a traditional Vietnamese home and growing up American. And leaning about the hardships her parents went though to escape Vietnam and start a new life in a different country. My parents immigrated from Vietnam too, so I can relate.

A huge takeaway is Susan and her siblings are still in touch and love each other, their bond never brittle, always strong. This is an emotional and culturally rich read and I definitely recommend it!