Worth the hype!

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Here we gooooo! One of the most anticipated releases of the year is almost here! Just like Michaelides’s first book, The Maidens is fantastic. Set in present-day Cambridge, England, group therapist Mariana receives an alarming call from her niece, Zoe, notifying her that one of Zoe’s friends has been murdered. After visiting Zoe’s college campus in Cambridge, Mariana is sure that Professor Edward Fosca is the culprit. But Fosca is considered untouchable. He is adored by all and leads a secret society prestigious of female students called The Maidens. And Zoe’s murdered friend was a member… ⁣

The Maiden’s short chapters kept me turning pages like none other. The Cambridge setting and Greek mythology was *chef’s kiss* and having visited Cambridge a while back, I had a lot of fun visualizing the book's scenes. While the ending was not as suspenseful or unexpected as The Silent Patient, I still had a blast. There are even some fun extra elements to this story that will knock fans of Michaelides off their feet. But that’s all I’m willing to say for now. 🤫 ⁣

Content warnings: death, murder, blood, mental illness, stalking, animal death