This one fell flat for me.

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** spoiler alert ** I wanted to love this book. I really did. The Silent Patient was one of my favorite reads back when it released so I’ve been anxiously awaiting this newest installation.

Thanks to Celadon Books and Libro, I got my hands on an ALC. I listened to the audio and found the narrators to be good.

The storyline is where this book lost me. It’s full of male characters who are either perverted or downright creepy, stalking the main character. Every make seems either sexually/romantically interested in Marianna or a foe. Honestly, the number of creepy men in her life is downright alarming. You’d think a therapist would have some better judgement or boundaries.

At its core, this book used some heavy topics around sexual trauma, grooming and abuse to perpetuate the idea that women are weak and easily manipulated. From the “maidens” who were hot for their professor to Marianna and Zoe who were both obsessed with Sebastian in their own way - I was frustrated with the character development as well as the storyline on this one.

I knew that ending was coming but it still made me want to throw the book across the room. It’s an audio, so I couldn’t. Instead I just yelled back at the narrator.