The Silent Patient is better!

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I did not like the Greek history/scholarly parts. I felt kind of dumb reading them to be honest.
I did like the psychology aspect- profiling, childhood trauma, group therapy, etc. That kind of reminded me of Criminal Minds. I really like when psychological thrillers include stuff like that.
The ending was icky and just a big no for me. I actually knocked off a star because of it. I was very middle of the road on this book until the ending. However, I know people who love this book so maybe the ending didn't ruin the book for them. In all fairness, it was a big twist that I did not see coming which is important to me in a thriller.
I liked The Silent Patient much better and would give this author another chance because of it. This book is not a sequel, but did have some crossover with The Silent Patient, so it would probably be good to read that one first (although you certainly would not have to)