Slow burn suspense

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I guess I spent the whole book waiting for a bog shocking twist like in the author’s first book which is unfair to this book. This was a very slow burn suspense which builds up to the ending as good suspense books do. I did like the main character but didn’t like so many of the supporting characters. I don’t think l was supposed to but I wasn’t too invested in what happened to them. A couple seemed very extraneous and I am not sure they added anything to the story. The nods back to The Silent Patient were a lot of fun, but also helped highlight that this is not quite the same book. One part of the twist caught me off guard but I had predicted “who did it”. My daughter read this and she said she was completely surprised by the way it all turned out. Overall it was an entertaining read, just need to read it without the expectations that it will be as surprising and engrossing as Silent Patient.