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I had very high hopes for The Maidens, as The Silent Patient by Alex Michalides was one of my favorite books, but this one fell flat for me. I was dying to read it and got my hands on an ARC and devoured it very quickly. I enjoyed the writing and the premise of the story but didn’t like how it was all tied up. The twists were good, but a lot were so obvious to me. It was like the author really wanted you to lean one way to throw you off, and it was clear that it wouldn’t go that way. The idea of incorporating characters from The Silent Patient was amusing to me! And I liked how they ended it with an open end to let the reader use their own narrative to complete the story. There could possibly be a sequel too; which is exciting to me! Maybe my expectations were too high and given a blind eye I would have enjoyed it more. I still look forward to more books by this author.