Scattered and annoying

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There was a lot of potential here: secret societies, murder, Greek mythology, dark academia... But instead what we got was a woman who was equal parts self-pitying (to the point of distraction from the plot) and self-important (in which she trusts absolutely no one, not even supposed experts but is then fooled by everyone who talks to her?). The narrative was scattered, littered with flashbacks to Mariana's dead husband constantly baring into the middle of the very serious murder mystery plot. And there wasn't enough time spent setting the scene; there were very few passages dedicated to visual description which, in my mind, is often what separates a good mystery from a cheap thriller. It left the prose without a sense of rhythm and balance - particularly when the driving force of the story is Mariana's annoying internal monologue or dialogue with people we know she's reading wrong from the get-go.

I wasn't a huge fan of The Silent Patient but I'm still disappointed in this one.