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Based on the description of this book, I really thought it was going to be something else. It really seemed like Mariana had a past with Edward Fosca but in fact, she didn’t. Mariana never even knew who he was until she reached campus and Zoe explains who he is and how her roommate was involved. As the story progressed, Mariana does become obsessed with trying to prove Fosca is the one who is committing the murders. It’s going to be no surprises, or spoilers, that Fosca clearly isn’t the killer due to it (1) being too obvious and (2) knowing there will be a twist somewhere… if The Silent Patient has taught us anything. I personally thought it was a little bit too over the top with Mariana and how certain she was that it was Fosca. She is supposed to be this brilliant therapist so it was hard for me to be convinced that she was so narrow minded on that fact that it had to be Fosca. Again, it was too obvious. Now, you knew he was up to something shady but not murderous. However, about 80% of the way through I was certain of who the killer was… only to be wrong. It was definitely a twist I didn’t see coming and honestly, I had to reread the part twice just to be sure I understood it correctly.

Mariana’s character was okay. I definitely enjoyed the story and following her through it was she tried to make the connections but like I said above, her deductions just didn’t seem accurate. She was trying to have everything make sense through a phycologist point of view, which made sense because that’s her specialty, but the playing detective part is what didn’t seem realistic. Obviously, she felt very strongly about who had done it because of the information received by Zoe, and even though the Maidens never omitted to Fosca not being with them – Mariana knew something was off. I don’t think this book would have been able to be told from any other perspective though but it was definitely a more story driven book than character.

Overall, The Maidens by Alex Michaelides was a good thriller book. He did it again with a great twist that I never saw coming and was certain of a different one. It was fast paced and really well written. I really enjoyed the story line and the plots to discover what was really happening. Mariana was a good main character but there were some parts of her that I just didn’t like. However, it absolutely needed to be told to her point of view but just don’t expect this book to be a character driven one. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed mystery and trying to figure out who done it. And if you enjoyed The Silent Patient, then definitely pick up this one as well.