Not the SP, but I enjoy this author's style.

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Upon discovering this book I was very excited. Michaelides wove words so intriguing and exciting in The Silent Patient that I thought he could do no wrong.

Reviews like this fed my enthusiasm:

| From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Silent Patient comes a spellbinding tale of psychological suspense, weaving together Greek mythology, murder, and obsession, that further cements “Michaelides as a major player in the field” - Publishers Weekly |

Psychological suspect? Mythology? Murder? Sold. Sold. And SOLD. Only, that's where my excitement ended.

The twist, although lead all the way through valleys and mountains was a twist that I called half of very early on. I found the short chapters nice, but I typically prefer fast chapters. I wanted more mythology and could have definitely loved the characters more. I absolutely adore the crossover with SP and hope that Michaelides continues this trend in the future. I do appreciate the psychological aspect in this novel.

I will return for this author's third book.