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The Silent Patient had been one of my most favorite thrillers and was not expecting anything less from The Maidens. However, this proved to be a rather disappointing read for me.

Firstly, it was fast-paced, which made me get done with it quickly. However, despite the twists and turns, the characters, especially Mariana's was rather frustrating and annoying. Her indecisiveness and lack of consistency infuriated me. Same goes for the rest of the characters, i.e. Professor Fosca turned out to be such a weird character who I did not understand at all. I would have preferred if his intellectual self would have remained rather than portraying him as a creep for the sake of proving Mariana correct.

I genuinely loved all the references made to the Greek mythology and how it was all intertwined. My concern is the suspense. So awkward and so eerie. I had suspected the culprit all along (because it was just so obvious) but the addition of their accomplice and the motive was uncomfortable for me. A better motivation or background was needed.

Despite its flaws, it is a quick, one-time read. You may question it but you'd enjoy some instances i.e. the connection drawn between The Silent Patient and The Maidens. It was interesting how Mariana and Theo's stories were linked as if The Maidens was a prequel.