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I love this authors first book. I reccomended it to everyone I knew and bought it as gifts for at least 4 relatives. Every one who read it loved it. So I was beyond excited when I saw this author had another book come out. I automatically bought it right away. Honestly I have so many mixed feelings this book was fun thrilling and had all the twisting can't figure out who done it feels of the first book..... until the end. The final twist was so upsetting it kind of ruined how much fun I had reading it. Looking back I can see how the author made it work but also not as well as the first one. The peices of this particular puzzle did not fit as nicely. It felt like a forced twist that definitely did not leave me satisfied. I do still believe In this author and would read another book buy them but I think they should avoid a universe crossover in the future. ( if you read it you know what I mean )