Not Hooked

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I didn’t find anything to grip me in the first look unfortunately.
I love some good dark academia and I enjoyed the authors previous work, but this just didn’t do anything fresh. I found the plot and details to be unmemorable. It was hard to distinguish between some of the secondary characters.
I didn’t feel like I was sucked into the character’s minds or their world.
The writing style was easy enough though, and I got through this rather quickly. I had been expecting a little bit more thrill up front, but maybe this is just a super slow burn in the same vein as The Secret History. I enjoyed the academic setting and the weaving in of Persephone and other classical myths.

I might revisit again at a different time to see if I can push through and get to a more engaging part, since for now I would dnf it.
I might have had too high of expectations, and would benefit from wiping the slate clean.