My most anticipated book of the year!

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🤩 My Most Anticipated Book of The Year -Happy Pub Week🤩

When I read “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides in 2019 it blew my mind. Immediately upon finishing, I wanted to pick his brain & he became my new hero. I couldn’t get this fast enough!

“There was blood everywhere...she’d been stabbed many times in her face...her eyes were open staring, STARING!”

This story follows Edward Fosca, a Greek Tragedy professor at Cambridge University, who has quite an interesting following: a secret society of young ladies known as “The Maidens.” They have exactly two things in common: they’re intelligent & beautiful. When the leader of the pack, Tara, is found dead on campus an investigation is opened & everyone is a suspect.

When Zoe, fellow student at Cambridge, fears that her best friend was the body found she immediately calls her Aunt Mariana. After losing her parents at such a young age & being adopted by her aunt, she doesn’t handle death well. She also is worried for her own safety because of something Tara said to her right before she vanished.

Mariana Andros is a group therapist who is dealing with her own grief & patients who are a handful when she gets the phone call. After recently losing her husband, she is far from the person who should be running to Zoe’s rescue ,but the girl has no one else. Mariana was also once a student there & knows the ropes.

But, when she arrives she becomes obsessed with the case & could end up being more of an obstruction than helpful.

When a second body, another Maiden, is found both Mariana & Zoe are convinced Fosca is to blame. But, one of them is about to become a target of the killer & needs to keep her eyes wide open. No one is innocent.

“It’s a’s a challenge and he’s enjoying it.

Who’s sending strange post cards with Ancient Greek Quotes to the targeted women?

“Cover her face. Mine eyes dazzle.”

Some parts were predictable, but there’s one big twist I didn’t see coming!

I liked the prequel aspect & I hope for a 3rd book that takes place AFTER The Silent Patient!

Thank you Alex Michaelides, Celadon Books, Netgalley & Libro FM for my #gifted arc copies in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 ⭐️

The reasons why this book didn’t receive 5 stars from me:

1. I feel like the ending was super rushed once we found out what was going on.

2. I didn’t like how Sebastian’s death was left open-ended. Did Mariana actually kill him or did he drown?

3. I thought that Mariana coming to and taking over and being so involved in the investigation was far fetched.

4. I’m still confused why all of those women had to die so that they could be together.

5. Fred was not a character that was necessary and could’ve been left out.

6. I wanted to get to know WAY more about The Maidens and dive into their lives and have flushed our characters.