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I read this book because this was recommended as a dark academia type of novel. I thought the title was interesting especially the concept of "The Maidens." But after reading the entire book, I felt like I have been mislead. This was not what I thought it would be.

This book is a crime thriller but it had nothing to do with the Maidens! Why call it "The Maidens" then? I don't know if this was done for shock factor because I'd rather read a predictable book when the foreshadowing was crafted perfectly by the author, rather than a book with a surprising twist that came out of nowhere.

The plot twist was supposed to be twisted but I thought the red herrings were a lot more interesting than the actual plot twists themselves. I felt like I wasted my time with the protagonist going through a bunch of leads and speculations. I wished the book had some foreshadowing rather than a twisted ending.