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The Maidens was a good book. Not one of my favorites, but one I would still recommend. I liked The Silent Patient better, however it was still a book that I could not put down. The characters were well written and I did not guess the ending. I have read many a book where I could guess the ending, however, this book had me guessing each moment. This is the type of book that made me think EVERY character was a murderer, and these are my favorite type of murder-mystery thrillers. I love a good book that can keep me guessing.

I love the way Alex Michaelides writes, and he will now be one of my auto-buy authors. I cannot wait to see what he writes next and to get my hands on it. His writing style is so lyrical, and he always has me guessing. This is a book that I could re-read again to see if I can find the clues that point in the direction of whodunnit. My favorite type of book!