Loved it!!

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I got this book through Book of the Month, but so many people aren't reading this! Why? It's amazing.
The dark academia setting was perfect. The whole college vibe from Cambridge mixed so well with the Greek mythology. All of it woven together was a great masterpiece of a story.
Michaelides is one of my favorite authors, and while this isn't The Silent Patient, it does share a few elements that were a nice little surprise for me. The twists were awesome. I thought I knew exactly what was going on and by the end, I was staring at the book like it was someone who gave me bad news that I was unable to process. I've been recommending The Silent Patient for a long time. Now I'm recommending this one and that one. I cannot wait to see what Michaelides puts out next. I hope we don't have to go a whole year before we get a new book, but even so, it would be worth it.