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Mariana is a group therapist still trying to move on from her husband’s death. She is also a guardian to her niece Zoe who called her one night and told her that Zoe’s friend Tara was missing. Mariana went to Cambridge, and shortly after, murders were happening. And the killer? Well, the Greek mythology professor also mentors a student society called The Maidens. Well, at least he was the killer, according to Zoe, and of course, to protect her niece, Mariana will do everything and anything to make sure that this professor will be punished.
I haven’t read The Silent Patient, so I read this one with no expectations at all. I found this book a little slow, and there were a couple of characters that I wonder why they’re even a part of it. However, I understand Mariana’s obsession with Fosca. She lost her husband, so she needs a distraction to keep her from that loneliness; also, she wants to protect her niece, whom she was clueless is hiding something. I love all the greek methodology references, and I won’t deny that is the best part of this book. The mystery surrounding The Maidens and the murders of its members are intriguing. The killer came as a surprise; I didn’t see that coming and also the revelation. As much as I enjoyed this book, I wish there’s more on the ending. Overall, it’s a thought-provoking read. I switched between the book and the audio, and both are equally amazing.