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I owned this book before I got my hands on The Silent Patient, however I read that book first. I decided that it would be interesting to see how Alex Michaelides could follow up his debut novel, which was a success both by reviewers and readers. What I will applaud Michaelides for is that he can build a mystery, which can be seen in both of his books. If I had to give this book a rating, I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5, as opposed to the 4 out of 5 for Silent Patient. I thought the characters in this were pretty weak, but I am someone who looks more to plot than characters in a book. The plot in this was phenomenal though. The backdrop of the university campus was such a great choice for this, and the overall idea of The Maidens themselves was eerie and so great. I am very excited to see what Alex Michaelides can come up with next, and I’ll definitely be first in line to read it!