I really enjoyed this one

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“It was written” is the expression in Greek. Meaning, quite simply, from that moment on, their destinies were sealed.”
- The Maidens

This is slow-burn goodness. I loved the examination on grief, the Greek references, the Tennyson poetry, and the nod to THE SILENT PATIENT.
The opening pages introduce us to Mariana, a 36-year old therapist, who is still mourning the loss of her husband a year earlier.
After a group session one evening, she receives a fevered call from her niece Zoe, at college in Cambridge. A young woman’s body has been found, and Zoe can’t locate her best friend Tara.
To Cambridge Mariana goes.
Zoe discloses something alarming about professor Edward Fosca and Mariana is determined to see her nieces fears investigated. When no one takes her seriously, she decides to investigate on her own.

I saw the twist coming but it was still delicious. I absolutely loved the descriptions of Cambridge, and of Greece. There were some tangents I struggled to find relevance in but that’s probably a me issue. Overall I really enjoyed this.