I Couldn't Finish It

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I attempted to sit down and read this book, then I tried the audiobook. Unfortunately, it just was not clicking with me. I loved the idea and really went into it expecting to find something unique and dark and twisted, and right off the bat I found myself annoyed. The main character was whiny and while I can not even begin to understand what she was going through, this book really couldn't hold my interest really at all.

I do think I will try some more of this author's writings. None have as of yet stuck out to me as particularly brilliant, but they have had a dark and twisted set to all of them and that is normally right up my ally.

I am sad that this book was not for me, unfortunately I didn't end up finishing it. I have heard from other people that once you get half way it gets much easier to stomach and get through. For me it just did not hold my interest for that long.