Eh no.

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So, I had read the Silent Patient and I wasn't too 'thrilled' with that book. It was popcorn flick fun, but it wasn't 'amazing'. I had run into a woman over the weekend who absolutely was thrilled by it, so I guess it has to do with tastes.

I grabbed The Maiden as one of my Book of the Month choices. I was intrigued by the summary, thinking that it took place in the past, with a gothic school, with a killer, etc. etc.


It doesn't take place in the past. Takes place in the same universe as The Silent Patient. One of the characters cameos in the book, and the events are discussed as well (so this book is that book's past). It also had such a story where it was OBVIOUS who the killer was and I just sat there wondering if I was going to be proved wrong.

I also found the main character, the therapist, annoying. She is shown as treating one of her patients in the beginning who is anxious/obsessed with her helping him. Thought that the story was going to feature him more or that he was going to be tied to the story. Nope. Just a strange plot thread that was meant to be some kind of red-herring.

All in all, The Silent Patient was a much better book. But if you liked that book I guess you may like this one too?