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I had a hard time getting into this book, but I pushed through... and unfortunately, I wish I had stopped. I couldn't relate or empathasize with Mariana, the main character, at all. She is a group therapist who has enough of her own problems to keep a therapist in business for ages. She's lost a lot of people in her life, which is tragic, but it also seems to define her. The author of this book is male and I think part of the problem was he didn't write a female lead character believable enough.

Anyway, when Mariana gets a phone call from her niece Zoe that one of her friends has been murdered, she rushes to help her. This is fine until Mariana immerses herself into the investigation. The story is mixed with parts from Mariana's past, random entries that don't make sense until the end (and even then it's questionable), and red herrings of characters that are meaningless.

There is a theme of Greek tragedy running through the book, which isn't something I'm familar with, so perhaps if that was more your speed, you'd enjoy it more than I did, but overall, this was disappointing and the end was so ridiculous, it dropped the rating even lower for me.