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The Maidens follows Mariana, a group therapist, as she tries to solve a murder at her niece’s university. All signs point to the Greek Tragedy professor. There’s also a group of girls called the Maidens that seem to be a part of a secret society.


I loved that this was set in the same world as The Silent Patient and it was definitely had a poetic writing style. I wasn’t a huge fan of the narrators chosen to tell this story. With the chapters being as short as they were the story felt disjointed at times. I couldn’t understand Mariana’s investment into solving this murder. I understood she was coming from a fragile place after losing her husband and that she wanted to help her niece, but she went way far in my opinion. Most of the book was spent just talking to a variety of people with not a ton of events taking place. So when the twist ultimately came it was just unsatisfying and not what I wanted at all. Unfortunately I’m definitely the unpopular opinion with this one since most reviews I’ve seen love it. If it was something you were interested in, I still highly recommend you give it a go. I wonder if I would have thought differently if I physically read it, instead of listening to it on audio.

2 stars! ⭐️⭐️