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I don't really read mysteries BUT I keep seeing this book everywhere. So when I seen it on Netgalley I knew I had to get it.

First off, I guessed who it was but my motive was just a hair off, but everyone saying they was surprised had me second questioning myself for a second.

I was more surprised with who the letters (the male character) was. I did not see that one coming. Maybe I should have but I didn't. I was actually like why are these even in here? But boy when you figure it out I gasped.

But like I said I don't read mysteries....don't really watch crime shows anymore (I use to love them) and I really enjoyed this book.

But there was one MAJOR thing that made me realize who it was.

If you've read it can ya take a guess?

This book really makes me want to try and read other books like this because it kept my attention with all the twists and turns and makes me realize I need to follow my gut more....maybe not to the kitchen so much but definitely in other ways