Didn't Meet My Expectations

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I didn’t have very many expectations going into this. I was expecting a murder mystery psychological thriller with a little bit of Greek tragedy sprinkled in and while I did get that, it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I was confused for a majority of this book and not in the “you’re supposed to be confused” murder mystery kind of way. There were way too many red herrings for my taste. It felt like every part in this book introduced a new character I was supposed to be suspicious of. Every time I turned a page some guy was hitting on Mariana, saying something weird or acting suspiciously when the culprit ended up being someone who was barely in the story. I guess that’s due to the point of view of the book and getting into the main character’s perspective. We were tricked the same way she was, but this book left me wondering what the point of so many characters and so many “coincidences” was. What was the point of Henry besides a few jump scares here and there? Also, why does Mariana walk alone at night so much? There were so many things she did that made alarm bells go off in my head. Genuinely what was the point of Fred? I was convinced he was the person who wrote the letter. I was even convinced he was somehow Sebastian reincarnated or Sebastian from an alternate universe because of how many connections there were between the two of them. Maybe it’s supposed to be symbolic? Maybe Mariana’s idea of who Sebastian was is meant to be paralleled with Fred and that’s how she’s supposed to move on? The plot twist was good, definitely didn’t see that coming. Almost to the point where it was kind of ridiculous and only used for shock value. Edward sure did a good job of acting guilty of a murder he didn’t commit. I thought there was no way he wasn’t involved in it. I did enjoy Mariana’s background as a therapist and how her perspective played into each of her interactions with other people. Overall, I enjoyed trying to solve this mystery, but there were just too many parts of the puzzle that didn’t even belong in the box.