Dark and Mysterious

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I am such a huge fan of The Silent Patient, therefore I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Maidens! Old historic buildings have an inherent sense of mystery and intrigue, so setting this story of unsolved murders at Cambridge University immediately gives it an eerie feeling. Mariana is still grieving her husband’s death when her niece calls from Cambridge to tell her that a close friend has been murdered. Mariana immediately arrives to help and gets caught up in trying to solve this crime. The Maidens had a much slower, darker, and sadder mood than The Silent Patient. I attribute this to Mariana’s ongoing grief and the dark castle-like overgrown garden environment that I imagine Cambridge to be like. I enjoyed the Greek mythology tie-in of Persephone, from the secret society to the professor to the clues left behind. There were a lot of characters (including some surprise appearances from The Silent Patient) which provided many opportunities to second guess my theories of whodunit. If you loved The Silent Patient, this is a must read.