Couldnt put it down

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This is an interesting thriller/suspense story with a great university setting and interesting characters (suspicious professor, a vulnerable niece, a group of mean girls). The main character is a therapist, who has traveled to visit her niece after a murder has taken place on campus. Once she is there another murder takes place and our therapist has turned (of course) into a detective.

I enjoyed this and read it in one sitting. I was truly surprised at the end, although there were a lot of clues along the way so the end made sense to me - I was bummed I didn't at least figure some of it out! This thriller definitely has a psychological twist feel to it. The therapist is always doubting herself, even though you know she must be on to something. There was a creepy vibe to it and I really think the college/Greek setting added to it in that way. I would recommend to all thriller readers.